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[21 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Buzz Kill – Resolve Rattle From Your Gibson Bridge | 63,977 views]
Buzz Kill – Resolve Rattle From Your Gibson Bridge

Buzz is the bane of the guitarist. Fret-buzz is the one that gets all the press and, to be sure, it’s a serious pain. Frets are not the only thing that is likely to buzz, rattle and hum on your guitar though. If you’ve got a Gibson (or Gibsonesque – the one below is a Gretsch) guitar it’s possible that your Tune-O-Matic bridge may be the cause of that buzz you hear.
If you can hear a metallic rattle or buzz when you pick a note – sometimes all notes, sometimes …

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[11 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Gretsch Eddie Cochran Tribute Model | 7,899 views]
Gretsch Eddie Cochran Tribute Model

Gretsch are doing a, very limited, run of fifty instruments based on Eddie Cochran’s guitar.
The famous, modified Gretsch 6120 played by Cochran and now residing in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall Of Fame was the template for some seriously intricate measuring by Gretsch Custom Shop master luthier Stephen Stern.  Stern checked everything that could be checked on Cochran’s guitar and then set about building an exact replica.
The result is the Gretsch Custom Shop G6160EC.
This instrument’s features include a bound laminated maple body and arched top, a specially shaped three-piece maple/walnut/maple …

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[25 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Gretsch Gets Pimped | 10,680 views]
Gretsch Gets Pimped

That’s quite handsome, isn’t it?  Gretsch have press-gagnged renowned hot-rod graphic artist, JimmyC into decorating a heap of Electromatic G5120 guitars.
Using the same enamel paints he would on cars or bikes, JimmyC hand-paints each guitar. The pinstriping is applied on top of the guitar’s original finish and, because it’s done by hand, each will be an original – no two will be the same.  Cool, eh?
The guitar underneath the stripes is, essentially, Gretsch’s Electromatic G5120 but there are some differences.  Gretsch tell us it will have newly designed pickups and …

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