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Gretsch Gets Pimped

25 October 2009 Leave a comment


That’s quite handsome, isn’t it?  Gretsch have press-gagnged renowned hot-rod graphic artist, JimmyC into decorating a heap of Electromatic G5120 guitars.

Using the same enamel paints he would on cars or bikes, JimmyC hand-paints each guitar. The pinstriping is applied on top of the guitar’s original finish and, because it’s done by hand, each will be an original – no two will be the same.  Cool, eh?

The guitar underneath the stripes is, essentially, Gretsch’s Electromatic G5120 but there are some differences.  Gretsch tell us it will have newly designed pickups and will be fitted with a Bigsby B799. The other difference is, while the G5120 was a low-cost Gretsch, the custom pinstripe will cost a bit more.  This seems fair for a hand-striped guitar though.

Gretsch recommend a selling point at US$1,225 but they’ve been spotted in the wild much cheaper. That’s not a bad price considering.

The one pictured is orange with tangerine pinstripes.  I waver between preferring that or the orange with green.  There are other colours available too if these don’t float your boat.  Here, go and have a look over at Gretsch.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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