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PolyTune for iPhone Sale – Get Your Skates On

16 December 2010 Leave a comment

The massive-noggined boffins at TC Electronics have just released an incremental version of PolyTune for iPhone.

You’ve probably all read about the PolyTune tuner pedal – the world’s first polyphonic tuner. Strum all strings together and the clever gubbins in the pedal shows the tuning situation of each of your six stings. You can easily tell if one or more strings is out of tune.

Not content with hammering all that cleverness into a stompbox, TC also ported it to the iPhone. And now, that app is at a 1.1 release. It’s all Retina display ready with snazzier graphics. It also has an interesting option to change the tuning graphics to yellow/blue for phone users with any red/green colour-blindness issues.

There’s lots of other stuff shoved in there but there’s no time to waste listening to me drone on. The PolyTune iPhone app is for sale from December 16th to 19th, 2010. During this time, you can get PolyTune for $0.99 (or local equivalent) from the app store.

I’ve got it and tried it and it’s good.

Off you go then. PolyTune for iPhone (iTunes link).

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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