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Robert Plant, The Big Tease

1 October 2010 Leave a comment

Late last year, Jimmy Page announced he would tour in 2010. There was speculation aplenty over whether John Paul Jones and Robert Plant might join him. After the one-off, Led Zeppelin reunion gig (with Jason Bonham on drums), for Atlantic in 2007, many fans were hoping the band would get something sorted and hit the road.

Nothing though. Well, not much anyway. Pagey continued to talk about touring, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that, but nothing concrete has emerged. The spanner in the works seemed to be Robert Plant who was happily doing his own thing (and why not) with his Band Of Joy and with Alison Krauss. When the two toured as Page and Plant, it seemed to be Jonesy who was preventing a full-scale reunion; this time around Plant appeared to be the stop-out.

UPDATE: The following, originally posted information is not quite correct.  While the quote is word-for-word, it’s out of context of the full interview.  I’d advise anyone interested to have a read of that interview as it gives a different impression to that given here and in other places on the web.  I’ve posted a grovelling, self-deprecating apology here.  Feel free to  go there and kick me.

Now though, and in keeping with the non-concrete, nebulous nature of these rumours and hopes, Planty has fanned the reunion flames a little.

When asked if Zeppelin were thinking about playing again, Plant said “I think we’re probably thinking about talking.” Story at contactmusic.com.

Ooooh. My hooks are tentered and my breath bated.

By the way, it is a ridiculous photo of Plant. If he announces a reunion, I’ll replace it with something cooler. (This still stands).

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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