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Errata: My Name Is Gerry And I Am Lazy

2 October 2010 3 Comments

I have a confession to make. I’m a bit embarrassed about this and, as you can see, Robert Plant is looking at me with a look of smug annoyance.

You see, yesterday, I posted about a quote from Robert Plant that seemed to suggest something slightly positive about his participating in a Led Zeppelin reunion. I took this information from a secondary source and, although I looked for the original, I didn’t look hard enough and simply found a number of other secondary sources.

The problem is, the quote was taken a little out of context and could be (and probably should be) read quite differently if combined with the subsequent answers he gave in his interview with A.V.Club (scroll towards the end for the relevant section).

The upshot of this is that it still seems unlikely that Planty will get back with his Zeppelin buddies in the near future. Have a read of the interview – it’s good.

For my part, sorry folks. Teacher has sent me home with ‘must try harder’ marked on my report card.

Great thanks must go to the angry rantings of Steve at Lemon Squeezings for bringing this, rightly grumpily, to the attention of those of us to lazy to notice. Cheers, Steve. ;-)

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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  • Robert Plant, The Big Tease | Guitarless said:

    […] here and in other places on the web.  I’ve posted a grovelling, self-deprecating apology here.  Feel free to  go there and kick […]

  • Steve "The Lemon" Sauer said:

    Smile, Gerry! It takes a big person to admit that. Consider yourself bigger than those secondary sources that either sensationalized the quotation or didn’t do any checking — and so far haven’t admitted doing either. In short, rock on!

  • Gerry Hayes (Article Author) said:

    I will rock, embarrassedly, on Steve. Thanks for the heads-up. ;-)