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Never Go Guitarless – How To Keep In Touch

8 May 2010 Leave a comment

Guitarless - Guitar News BlogFor a couple of reasons, I recently had to surgically remove the Guitarless Facebook page.  It was a long and painful operation but I’ve now successfully grafted a new page on to the side of Facebook’s torso (I considered its forehead but felt it might get too much teasing at school).  Given the changes, I thought I’d take the opportunity to let you have a round-up of the various ways and means to keep in touch with Guitarless news.

Guitarless - Guitar Blog News FeedNews Feed:
First and foremost is the RSS News feed.  If you’ve no idea of RSS from a hole in the ground, you can take a look at our What Is RSS? page for more info.  Suffice it to say, RSS is just an easy way to always get updates without having to keep checking back to see if there’s anything new.  It’s probably the best way to keep in touch with what goes on around here and you can point your reader at the Guitarless News Feed for ongoing Guitary goodness.

iconemailEmail Subscription:
If the RSS thing doesn’t grab you (and perhaps it’s not for everyone), you can subscribe to receive our updates in convenient email form.  This is sometimes handy for people who like to keep up-to-date in work but whose boss whacks them with a crooked stick if they go on the net.  Get every article sent to email and just read them there.  Obviously, you can unsubscribe at any time and we don’t do the spam thing.  Go get a Guitarless Email Subscription.

Guitarless on TwitterTwitter:
Then there’s Twitter.  If you’re fond of 140-character pieces of news, you might want to pop over and follow Guitarless on Twitter.  Or you can search Twitter for Guitarless (or @guitarless).

Guitarless on FacebookFacebook:
And to the thing that prompted this, our new Facebook page.  If you do most of your internetting or social-networkerising on Facebook, you might want to check out and become a fan (I hate that term) of our Facebook page. I should also take this opportunity to apologise to those who were following the old page – sorry that I had to change it.  I hope it hasn’t caused any hassle and it shouldn’t happen again.

With all these ways of keeping in touch, what excuse do you have?

Yep, none… None excuse.  Get to it.

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