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Manson’s Launch MBK-3 Guitar Pickups

12 May 2010 Leave a comment

MBK 3 Guitar Pickup Set2In a fortuitous follow-on from the recent article about Matt Bellamy’s guitar rig, comes news to intrigue seekers of the Bellamy Tone.

Manson’s Guitar Shop (who will be no strangers to the Bellamyites among the readers) have collaborated with Bare Knuckle pickup manufacturers to produce a new set of custom pickups.

The MBK-3 pickups boast a tight tone, huge bass and powerful output.  They claim more ‘kick’ than their siblings, the MBK-1 and MBK-2 pickups used in Manson’s guitars and played by, among others, Bellamy and Josh Homme.

Manson’s and Bare Knuckle have carefully tweaked and tinkered to produce a pickup with a contemporary sound thats good for hard rock, metal, punk and all the other noises you pesky kids are into.

The bridge pickup has three ceramic magnets buried under that handsome chrome cover and the neck contains an Alnico V magnet.  Interesting contrast this and one that should be pretty flexible.

You can pickup (ha, see what I did there?) a set of MBK-3s from Manson’s web site.  They retail for UK £299 for the set.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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