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Muse Guitar Rig

29 April 2010 Leave a comment

All the kids want to know about Matt Bellamy’s rig.

“What’s in the rig? Can I get one of those guitars? How do I build a KAOSS pad into my guitar? Did I ask what’s in the rig?” Crazy kids.

Well, wonder no longer (well, about the rig at least – the KAOSS might need a bit more planning).  Dunlop’s channel on YouTube has an interview with Jason Baskin, Bellamy’s guitar tech.  It concentrates more on the rig and effects and, if you’ve an interest in getting a Musey sound, you might find it interesting.  It would certainly have been nice to see more of the instruments made for Bellamy by Hugh Manson bit this still has some

Here, take a look-see and then head over and take a look at the Dunlop channel.

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