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[10 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Batt-O-Meter Effects Pedal Battery Tester | 3,998 views]
Batt-O-Meter Effects Pedal Battery Tester

This is the Batt-O-Meter from Keith McMillen Instruments.
So what is it?
It’s a battery tester with an interesting twist.  It has a lead with a jack plug attached (they call it the ‘Power Probe’).  You just plug this into the input on your effects pedals and the Batt-O-Meter can report on the effect’s battery voltage and remaining life – even estimating how many hours of shredding you have left.
It also comes with a switch to more accurately measure between different battery types (alkaline, zinc-carbon and rechargeable).
All told, it’s a relatively clever …

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