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[9 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 2,953 views]
Hear PRS’ Sweet 16 Amp

We talked, a while back, about PRS’ new Sweet 16 amplifier.
Remember?  A 16-watt 6V6-based head with a master volume.  It seemed pretty tempting to say the least.  It looked great, the specs were great.  The only thing left was how it sounded.
Well, now you can find out.
Below is Mike Clark playing through the Sweet 16 and attached 1 x 12″ cab. For the pedants, he’s playing a 305 and McCarty.

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[23 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Featured Video – Mick Ronson | 1,918 views]
Featured Video – Mick Ronson

Who doesn’t think Mick Ronson rocks?  Who?
Nobody, that’s who.  Or, at least, nobody who knows.  Check him out here, rocking with Ziggy. Splendid stuff.  It’ll live over in the sidebar Featured Video for the next few days.  Tell your friends.

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[18 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Weekend Field Trip 2: Taylor Guitar Factory Tour | 2,245 views]
Weekend Field Trip 2: Taylor Guitar Factory Tour

OK, so this is an interesting one to follow on from yesterday’s Yamaha tour.  Today’s tour is to Taylor Guitars.
Just like you did in school, I want you to compare and contrast Taylor’s approach and what you see in their factory to what you saw in yesterday’s video from the Yamaha factory.  I think it’s interesting to see these two tours and the approaches outlined in each.
Now go and write an essay on what you’ve learned.  Or not, I don’t care.  What am I, your mother?

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[17 Oct 2009 | 2 Comments | 5,449 views]
Weekend Field Trip: Yamaha Guitar Factory Tour

It’s the weekend and most of you have a little time on your hands.  You might, therefore, like to spend twenty minutes touring the Yamaha guitar factory.
I’ve a bundle of these tours bookmarked and I thought I’d share them with you as, if you’re interested in guitars (and why else would you be here), you’ll likely enjoy watching how the things get made.
This is one of my favourites.  Pay attention now…

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