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[9 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Guitar 101: Necking Part 2 – Truss Rods | 20,659 views]
Guitar 101: Necking Part 2 – Truss Rods

Continuing our Guitar 101 voyage of discovery around the guitar, we’re staying with the neck and contemplating the truss-rod.
What the hell is a truss rod anyway?
At it’s simplest, a truss rod is a device to counteract the tension of the strings. We’ll get on to looking at the different types of truss rod in a minute or two but first, lets look a little deeper into that explanation.
The strings on your guitar or bass, when tuned up to pitch, exert a lot of pressure. It’s a tall order …

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Featured, Guitar 101 »

[15 May 2010 | 4 Comments | 232,982 views]
Buyer Beware – Fake/Genuine Les Paul Photo Comparison

A little while back, we posted an article with some information to help you spot a counterfeit Gibson guitar. For a while now, there seems to have been a bit of a glut of fake Gibsons coming from the Far East – mostly China. These guitars are pretty readily available on the net from Chinese wholesale sites.
While these instruments aren’t the worst in the world, I’d hate to think of someone being fooled.  If you want to buy what you know is a fake Les Paul, while Gibson (quite rightly) …

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