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[20 Nov 2009 | Comments Off on Hear It: PRS 30 Amplifier Video Demo | 3,020 views]
Hear It: PRS 30 Amplifier Video Demo

A little while back, we heard the PRS Sweet 16 amplifier.  Time now to go up to its big brother, the PRS 30.
PRS say that the 30 gives you an ‘English sound with an American twist’.  Obviously enough, it’s a 30-watt valve amp.  It’s got four EL84 valves to provide the crunch and has a rather clever master volume that is progressively dialled out of circuit as the amp’s volume reaches its maximum setting.  The 30 is available in both head and combo versions – all made in the US …

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[9 Nov 2009 | One Comment | 3,597 views]
Hear PRS’ Sweet 16 Amp

We talked, a while back, about PRS’ new Sweet 16 amplifier.
Remember?  A 16-watt 6V6-based head with a master volume.  It seemed pretty tempting to say the least.  It looked great, the specs were great.  The only thing left was how it sounded.
Well, now you can find out.
Below is Mike Clark playing through the Sweet 16 and attached 1 x 12″ cab. For the pedants, he’s playing a 305 and McCarty.

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[16 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on PRS Ampire Expansion – Sweet 16 Amp | 3,099 views]
PRS Ampire Expansion – Sweet 16 Amp

Ahhh, sweet, low-wattage valve tones.
Paul Reed Smith’s efforts to take over the world continue apace with this, the Sweet 16.
We’re talking a 16 watt head powered by 6V6 valves.  It’s a master volume amp with a full treble/middle/bass stack and a built in reverb.  The amps are handwired (albeit to printed circuit boards) in the US.
All pots, switches, jacks, and power tube sockets are chassis-mounted which bodes well for reliability.
Tube-wise, the 6V6s are cathode biased, in push-pull, to near class A.  The preamp tubes are a little unusual.  There are …

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