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[20 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on Gibson RD Standard Reissued | 16,016 views]
Gibson RD Standard Reissued

Here’s one to split opinions and have guitarists arguing over their beer for a while. The Big G has reintroduced the RD Standard, a guitar originally offered back in the late ’70s.
First beer-argument point: the looks. Personally, I love how this thing looks but I can definitely see how there are some that might not. Does that make me right and them wrong? Probably, but if it’s your round, I’m prepared to enter into debate.
Second beer-argument point: the specs. Gibson have released the RD Standard in typical Gibson dress. It’s …

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[4 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on Guitar 101: Necking Part 1 – Scale Length And Compensation | 29,717 views]
Guitar 101: Necking Part 1 – Scale Length And Compensation

Today, in Guitar 101, we’re looking at the guitar neck.  And, this time, we’re taking considering scale length and string compensation.
Scale length
Scale length is, effectively, the ‘sounding’ length of the string – i.e. the bit that actually ‘sounds’ (or vibrates – it’s the same thing) when plucked.  This means that we’re only considering the length of string between the nut and saddle (see our article on Guitar Anatomy if you need a refresher on these terms).

Some of the common scale lengths of popular guitars and basses are:

Many Gibson Guitars, Les Paul, SG, …

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