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[13 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Kill That Dead Spot | 32,000 views]
Kill That Dead Spot

There’s a funny thing that happens with some basses. It’s called the dead spot.
What’s A Dead Spot?
The dead spot is a particular note that won’t seem to ‘ring’. It won’t sustain and instead, the fundamental just dies away almost immediately. Sometimes you’ll hear some overtone-type vibrations of the note sustain very faintly but for the most part, the note is gone.
This tends to be most noticeable on one particular string and on one particular note but it can be evident (possibly to a lesser extent) a half-tone higher or lower …

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[31 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on How To Fix Buzzing And Choking String Bends On Fender Guitars | 59,654 views]
How To Fix Buzzing And Choking String Bends On Fender Guitars

You’re a millionaire playboy guitarist with a vintage Fender or you’re just someone with one of many current or past Fender originals and reissues.
Whatever the case, you’re finding that those big blues bends that you love doing are buzzing or, worse still, choking-out completely and dying. Your guitar plays fine and buzz-free the rest of the time but as soon as you go for a nice, soulful, bent note, it buzzes or chokes.
Possibly more annoying is when I tell you that there’s a good chance it’s just a limitation …

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