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Joe Bonamassa: Signature Les Paul Comparison

17 June 2011 Leave a comment

BC 1 Joe Bonamassa with Haze BC 1 Guitar  smallJoe Bonamassa is a man close to my heart. Not only is he an incredibly talented guitarist; not only is he working tirelessly to deliver some great blues and rock; not only is he a total guitar-geek but he was also the guy I presented with the first of my Haze BC-1 model guitars (yes, I do have to work it in to every conversation).  Top it all off with the fact that he’s a genuinely nice guy and you’ve got the total package.

And, speaking of total packages, Joe has quite a package of signature Les Pauls across the Gibson range. The one that started things off is the Rolls Royce, Gibson Custom Joe Bonamassa Les Paul model. This is a beauty, but one that requires deeper pockets than many of us have.

This was followed by a signature Les Paul from Epiphone that brought things into the price realm of mortals (and included a pair of Burstbucker pickups—nice).

More recently, we’ve seen the, very snazzy, Joe Bonamassa Les Paul Studio which gets you Gibson on the headstock without having to save up quite so much money as the Custom. I’ll be honest, I’m lusting after this model quite a bit. Not sure why I’d have such a thing for this one rather than the Custom but there it is. Perhaps the fact that it’s something I could realistically afford is what’s doing it.

So then, with such a selection of signature models to choose from, what’s a Joe fan to do? How do they sound in comparison to each other? Can’t somebody, somewhere help?

As it turns out, Joe himself can help. Sweet.

Found this on Guitarist Magazine’s YouTube Channel

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