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Rotosound Super Bronze Acoustic Strings

15 October 2010 Leave a comment

Take a look at that string. Notice anything?

This is from Rotosound’s Super Bronze Acoustic String set and it’s a bit different. At least from anything we’ve seen in a while. Click on the image to embiggenate.

You see, in 1974, James How, the founder of Rotosound released an acoustic string set with a difference. Those strings, called ‘Country Golds’ at the time, had the windings start a little away from the ball-end and tie – the core of the string was exposed for a short distance. The idea was that the central core or ‘contact core’ as Rotosound call it would bear against the instrument’s saddle. Not having the wrapped section of string being the contact point apparently provided a less ‘lossy’ contact and allowed for more sustain and volume as well as a brighter sound.

They even had the side effect of (slightly) reducing the action on the wound strings (which may or may not be desirable, depending on your instrument and its setup).

The Super Bronze strings (which use phosphor bronze, by the way) are now available again and you can get them in the following gauges:

  • SB10 – 10 / 14 / 20w / 28w / 40w / 50w
  • SB11 – 11 / 15 / 22w / 30w / 42w / 52w
  • SB12 – 12 / 16 / 24w / 32w / 44w / 54w

It’s certainly an interesting idea. The cynic in me is picking nits but I’m really keen to try a set. Check out Rotosound for more info.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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