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Razer Custom Atomic Guitar Giveaway

11 May 2010 Leave a comment

Razer Atomic GuitarThe Razer guys are giving away a guitar.

Not just any guitar.  This is a custom Atomic Destiny guitar.  The very same guitar, in fact, that is custom-made for Razer guitarist, Jeromy Graves.  The guitar will have a custom paint job and Razer graphics.

Not only that, before the winner gets his or her clammy riff-digits on the guitar, it will be played on stage.  On April 28th, the guitar will be played during the last song of the evening at the famous BB King Blues Club and Grill at the Lucille Cafe. The song will be Superpaun (first single off the Dark Devotion album).

Below you can see Jeromy himself driving about, sporting a splendid little beard (I had one just like it in my youth) and wielding a half-finished axe – the very axe that will be played and won by you.

Maybe.  First you’ve got to enter.  Entries are open until June 10th, 2010. Razer’s site has the info.

And, if that’s whetted your appetite for seeing Jeromy and his custom Atomics, check him out below as he shows some of them off and gets a tour of the Atomic workshop.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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