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28 April 2010 Leave a comment

Skull SmallSo what the hell’s being going on around here? Conspicuous by my absence? Yes indeed, things have been quiet here at Guitarless of late but I’ve got a good excuse.  Honest, I have.

You see, a few weeks back I took headbanging a little too far and managed to fracture my skull.  Yep, really.  And, as it turns out, it seems that a broken head can play havoc with your plans to bring guitary wonderfulness to the masses.

As the very long hangover seems to have passed, we’ll be getting back to normal though.  Dust off those news feeds and stay tuned.  With any luck, the bang on the head will have given me Dead Zone-like psychic powers to peek inside the hive-mind of the Gibson Dusk Tiger designers or to channel the ghost of Leo Fender (let’s hope it’s the latter).

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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