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Lick Library – Free Live Webcast Guitar Lesson

6 February 2010 Leave a comment

Lick Library Stuart BullMore from the Lick Library.  These guys like to keep busy.

On the 11th of February, 2010, the Lick Library will broadcast a real-time webcast from their own studios. This will feature an interactive session and live performances with Lick Library co-founder Stuart Bull.

Stuart has taught literally tens of thousands of guitarists worldwide with the award winning Lick Library Guitar Workshops. He has shredded with some of Rock and Metals greatest guitarists so he will be able to give you the benefit of his considerable experience.

As well as covering guitar tips and techniques, Stuart will be available for live-chat and will be taking questions from those tuning in.

As well as Stuart’s performance and valuable advice, you’ll be able to chat with the other musicians and even interact with other Lick Library members.

Cool.  I think this Internet thing might just take off.

Put it in your diary:  February 11th, 2010 at 19:00 GMT.

The only slight drawback of this is that it’s a Thursday and the time difference might mean that, depending on where you are in the world, you may have work/college/school/miscellaneous commitments.  It’d be nice to see any future Lick Library webcasts occur on the weekend when they’re accessible to a larger audience.  Far be it from us to suggest you call in sick.

So then, if you’re available or making yourself available by nefarious means, get on over to Lick Library to register for your free access pass.  You’ll need it for the webcast.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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