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Good Times: Johnny Marr’s Stolen Guitar Returned

25 February 2010 Leave a comment

Johhny Marr SGJohnny Marr’s Gibson SG, which was stolen ten years ago, has been returned.

After a gig in Scala nightclub, Kings Cross, in 2000 the guitar was stolen by a fan.  The ‘fan’ apparently came across the guitar backstage and noticed it was unattended.  On a “spur of the moment decision”, he picked it up and walked out a fire escape.

The guitar, a 1964 SG in cherry red would normally be worth around UK £6,000 but the prosecutor in this case forwarded an estimated value of £30,000 because of the link with Marr.

The thief has said he was “disgusted with himself” and has been sentenced to 200 hours of community service.

Marr is reported to be happy to have this guitar returned.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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