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50th Anniversary Gibson 1960 ES-335TD

16 February 2010 Leave a comment

Gibson 1960 ES-335TDI’m in danger of shorting out my keyboard with long strings of spittle as I read the specs and look at the images of Gibson’s latest.

Hot on the heels of the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul, comes the 50th Anniversary 1960 ES-335TD.

Is it telling that I’m much more excited by this one? In the last few years I’ve been more and more drawn to the 335 and its semi-hollow yumminess. Perhaps I’m mellowing in my old age.

There is simply no denying, though, that the ES-335, and these ones in particular, are wonderfully beautiful instruments.  Go on, pointy guitar lovers, deny it?  I will shake my fist in your general direction.

Gibson 1960 ES-335As the calendar flicked through 1960 (like it does in films to indicate the passage of time), the ES-335 went through some small transformations from it’s ’50s iteration to settle – in a similar way to the Les Paul – on a slimmer, faster necked model.  The 335 also gained those snazzy ‘reflector’ volume and tone knobs.  It’s this model that Gibson have recreated for the 50th Anniversary ES-335TD (that’s Thinline Double, by the way – thin as in thin body and double as in double pickups).

We’re obviously talking Custom Shop here.  They’ve created three models of this beauty.  All are available with period-correct hardware and aged using the VOS (Vintage Original Specs) process. They all feature double-band Kluson style tuners and PAF-style ’57 Classic humbuckers.  As with the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul, bridge and tailpiece are period correct zinc and aluminium (respectively) and are nickel plated.  A 5-ply pickguard is fitted.

Even the truss-rod channel has been retooled based on scans of original models showing 1960 depth and profile.  Now that’s anal (but we salute it).

Finishes are, obviously, nitrocellulose and three are available: Antique Faded Cherry (pics above), Antique Vintage Sunburst (handsome pic below), and Antique Natural.

As you’d expect, these come with a hardshell case and a certificate of authenticity.

Prices for the Cherry and Sunburst models are to be US $5,645 while the Natural finish is (oddly) more expensive at US $6,115.

I’d very much like one.  I’m not greedy.  The sunburst one would be fine.  If anyone would care to send me $5,645, that’d be lovely.  Thanks.

Gibson ES-335TD Sunburst

More at Gibson.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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