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Squier Classic Vibe Telecasters

11 January 2010 2 Comments

Squier Classic Tele ThinlineSquier have announced the introduction of two new versions of classic Telecaster guitars.

Say hello to the Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster Custom and the Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline guitars.  Both are based on classic Tele designs from the ’60’s.

Squier Classic Vibe Tele CustomThe Classic Vibe Thinline has a semi-hollow body, as you’d expect, but it’s made from mahogany .  The tinted lacuqer finish looks great and we’ve always loved the thinline pickguard – looks cool as far as we’re concerned – and this one is a snazzy mint green.

The Thinline has a maple neck with a bend-friendly 9.5″ radius.  A three-saddle bridge, with threaded saddles, adds to the ‘vibe’

The Classic Vibe Tele Custom has an alder body, double-bound, and finished with a three colour sunburst.  The Custom has a rosewood fingerboard on a maple neck and the same 9.5″ fingerboard radius.  In common with the Thinline, the Custom has a three-saddle bridge with threaded saddles.

Both guitars feature Custom Alnico V pickups and standard switching arrangements.

More at Squier.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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  • Cesar said:

    Hi guys, im interested in buy my first electric guitar and i need to choose between this guitar or the squier telecaster custom 2…i have a band and we make covers of pearl jam, incubus, nickelback, etc…could you recomend me the best option?


  • Gerry Hayes (Article Author) said:

    Hi Ceasar.
    Answering a question like that is a bit of a minefield for a number of reasons – one being that many of the guitarists in the bands you mention have played different guitars on different songs/albums. It’s also a lot of responsibility to recommend a guitar for someone.
    With that in mind, I’ll maybe talk about some of each instruments’ qualities. The first thing to note is that you’re probably talking about the Custom rather than the Thinline. The Thinline is a great instrument but I’m guessing that it’s probably not the one you’re considering on this page. The Classic Vibe Tele Custom (while I haven’t played one yet) is a traditional-style Tele and is likely to have a traditional Tele sound – plenty of twang and treble from the bridge pickup and more warmth (and possibly a little muddiness) on the neck. Expect that ‘focussed’ Fender sound that comes from these single-coils in this guitar. The Custom II on the other hand comes loaded with P-90s and isn’t a typical Fender sound. These have a ‘broader’ sound than a typical Tele with more mid and are hotter than a standard Tele. P-90s bring the guitar a little closer to that warmer, thicker, Gibson sound.
    Sorry that I’m stopping short of a recommendation. I hope that this has at least been of some use.
    Incidentally, it might be worth considering something outside these instruments too – for a little more versatility, you could look at the Squier HSS Strat. It’s got a humbucker and two single coils which gives you a lot more sounds to play with in order to try find the ones you like – especially in a covers band.
    As always, the advice is to try get into a music store and play the guitars you’re considering through amps/effects that are similar to yours. It’s the only real way to get a good idea if the sound you’re looking for is in there.
    Hope this has helped a little.