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Orange Unveil New Amps

18 January 2010 Leave a comment

Orange Tiny Terror ComboOrange have been keeping busy and have used NAMM to launch a number of new models.

First up, pictured left, is the new addition to the, very popular, Tiny Terror range.  We’ve always had a soft spot for the lunch-pail Tiny Terror.  Those of you who don’t have – or don’t want – extension cabs around the place however, can get your Tiny Terror in combo form.

This new addition to the Tiny Terror Combo range is even more tiny and comes loaded with a Celestion G10 Vintage speaker.  This unit sits a little below the 12″ version already available and given the Terror’s handy low-wattage switching arrangement (15/7 watts) should make the range even more attractive to those with limited space or neighbours with limited patience.

The new Thunder 30 amps are designed to replace the Rocker 20 series.  There are two models (head and combo) and both are 30-watt, twin channel amps, with four EL84’s.  The combo comes with a 12″ Celestion.  Both amps also feature an effects loop.

Rockerverb II adds some extra bells and whistles to the popular Rockerberb line – namely, improved effects loop, better reverb tone and the addition of a mid control on the clean channel.  The line is extended with the addition of the Rockerverb 50-watt combo.

Lastly, the Crush range has the Crush Pix available in black.  While that’s maybe not so big a deal, the addition of a new bass combo – the CR100 BXT – should make for a bit more interest.  Boasting 100 watts and a 15″ speaker, it should help keep our lower-end brothers and sisters happy.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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