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Klinghoffer And Chili Peppers: The Plot Thickens

7 January 2010 Leave a comment

Red Hot Chili PeppersOk, so I don’t want to turn this place into a Klinghoffer/Red Hot Chili Peppers talking shop (at least not exclusively) but things are getting weird with this story.

In our last story on this (Chili Peppers Klinghoffer Confusion), we mentioned the redaction and removal of information already published regarding Josh Klinghoffer’s replacement of John Frusciante in the Chili Peppers. Well, this trend seems to be continuing.

In a story that’s seeming not dissimilar to Gibson’s backtrack and disappearing of information regarding its Jimi Hendrix Strat-A-Like a few months back, it looks like yet another piece of the trail of confirmation breadcrumbs has vanished.

Dave Navarro’s tweet on Klinghoffer’s place in the band seems to have been deleted from his Twitter timeline (and with annoying timing, Twitter recently fixed the bug that allowed searching for deleted tweets).

What Navarro was quoted as tweeting was:

davenavarro6767 … Oh, and I’m NOT working with RHCP. They are working with an amazing talent, Josh Klinghoffer. I wish them love and the very best!

It’s gone now.  Just like the stadium-arcadium.com post.

Ooooh, conspiracies.

Well, probably not, and lets not go nuts about this – odds seem pretty good that this will just turn out to be PR and legal wangling – but you’ve got to admit it’s intriguing.

Many thanks to the wonderful Squitherwitch at The Chili Source for finding this and kindly passing it on.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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