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Dunlop Sex Up Volume Pedals

27 January 2010 Leave a comment

Dunlop Volume PedalHonestly.

Here, just have a read of the blurb:

…The Dunlop Volume Pedal features a patent pending Steel Band Drive that creates a low-friction environment with no strings or ratchet gears attached – allowing you to achieve thick, luscious volume swells in one smooth motion without the fear of breaking. With fully adjustable tension and high-quality low-noise electronic components, the sound is as clean and transparent as the feel is smooth. Housed in a lightweight but durable aluminum chassis, the pedal features a rocker pedal that is slightly curved for ergonomics, with an aggressive non-slip tread that keeps your foot firmly in place.

While we’re not completely sure about language like ‘thick and luscious’, we are pleased to see a clever development in getting a volume pedal that works well.  The steel band drive sounds like a fine ‘step’ forward (ha! I made a foot pedal joke).

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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