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Woodie’s Guitar Hanger – Clever Wall Suspension For Your Axe

16 December 2009 Leave a comment

Woodies HangerNow this is clever.

WiaMUSIC are offering a unique method of displaying and storing your guitar or bass.

We’re all familiar with the headstock-style guitar hangers. Two prong-things hold the guitar from the headstock end of the neck. It’s all well and good.

Woodie (the man behind WiaMUSIC, we think) has come up with a new idea.

Two clear, acrylic brackets that hold the strap buttons on your guitar.

The brackets can be screwed to the wall and will hold your guitar in any position, even from the ceiling.  Installation seems pretty easy and they include full instructions.  If that’s not enough, their web site has a video with a (less-than-handy-seeming) guy installing them.

The brackets hold the guitar away from the wall.  When in use, they don’t actually touch the guitar so there is very little risk of damage.  They can hold a guitar or bass at any angle you care to display it and, because they’re transparent, they’re very discrete when the guitar’s not in them.

Woodies Hanger PackI really like this idea and reckon I’ll be getting a hanger or two in the near future.  I can see them being a huge hit in instrument shops – the flexibility of holding at any angle is a big selling point.

They’re not expensive.  At the moment, you can buy them direct for UK£14.99 with free world-wide.

This cost is for the standard models – there are three to chose from depending on what sort of guitar you have.  For instance, a Strat’s top strap button is in a different place to an SG’s and the bracket needs to be slightly different to accommodate this.


You can get a Universal hanger with adaptors for any narrow-body guitar (essentially most of them) for UK£19.99.

Pop over to WiaMUSIC for more information and ordering.

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