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Warwick Quartet – Warwick’s Basses Of The Month

21 December 2009 Leave a comment

Way back in the mists of time – September, 2009 to be precise – Warwick began offering a ‘bass of the month’.  What this meant was that they would release a special edition bass each month.  The special bass would be, essentially, a tweaked version of one of their standard instruments but tweaked sufficiently to make it a little more unique and exclusive.  Here’s a round-up of the Warwick’s fall line.

September – Thumb Bolt On French Flamed Ash

Warwick Thum Bolt On French Flamed Ash
A mouthful to be sure.  This is a twist on the regular Thumb Bolt On and substitutes French flamed ash in place of the usual ovangkol body.  There’s no doubt that the ash is a striking look.  Other tweaks include a multi-striped, black ekanga veneered, maple neck.  Nice.

October – Corvette $$ Birdseye Poplar

Corvette $ Birdseye PoplarWho doesn’t love some fancy, exotic woods?  The swamp ash body of the Corvette $$ has a birdseye-patterned poplar veneer.  Other embellishments include yin/yang symbols inlaid into the wenge fingerboard.

November – Streamer LS Maple Neck

Streamer LX Maple NeckThe standard Streamer LX is already endowed with an attractive, flame maple body.  This special edition also adds a flame maple neck to the mix.  It’s a three-piece, flame maple laminate with two thin layers of black ekanga pin-striping the neck.  A tiger-stripe ebony fingerboard and solid brass frets complete the front of the neck.

December – Corvette Ash Fretless

Corvette Ash FretlessThis instrument is more about the finer details than the big changes.  The snow-white, ultra glossy finish contrasts nicely with the none-more-black hardware.  As the name suggests, this is a fretless instrument and the black and white treatment is carried to the neck by using inlaid white fret markers in the tiger-stripe ebony fretboard.

For more information about the Warwick Special Editions, check Warwick’s site.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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