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Warwick Bootsy Collins Signature Bass

24 December 2009 Leave a comment Print This Post Print This Post

Warwick Bootsy Collins

It looks set to be announced properly at NAMM but information is out about Warwick’s Bootsy Collins Infinity Signature Bass.  One thing’s for sure; it’ll get you noticed.

Based on the Warwick Infinity bass, the Bootsy signature is available in two flavours – the Black Star and the Orange Star.  Obviously enough, perhaps, the differences in the models are the colours of the stars in the finish – black on the Black Star (pictured) and orange on the Orange Star. Simple.

The bass has an through-neck in maple.  The body wings (hollow) are maple at the front and ogangkol at the back.  The rosewood fingerboard adds a touch of warmth and sports 24 frets.  The f-holes (almost disguised by the flames around them) show the semi-nature of the bass.  The star motif is continued up the fretboard with inlays and with a large star on the headstock.  The body finish, under those stars and flames, is silver-flake for maximum sparkle.

Power comes from an active MEC Jazz and a Twin-Jass pickup.  The MEC 3-band EQ lets you tweak to your heart’s content.

No information at Warwick’s site so far.  Thanks to Gear Vault for the story.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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