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Non-Destructive Customisation For Your Strat

23 December 2009 Leave a comment

Guitar Body HuggerI think most of us have, at one time or another, considered customising our guitars. Maybe a few stickers, maybe some tape in a poor-man’s EVH, maybe even a new paint job.

The thing that holds many of us back is the irreversibility of it all. Once you’ve painted PUNK in large pink letters on your guitar, it’s there for the foreseeable future, maybe even after you’ve moved on from your punk phase and can’t get a gig in a mellow, jazz trio because you’ve got PUNK scrawled on your guitar.

Thermonetix have come up with the Guitar Body Huggerz for all the would-be customisers out there.

It’s essentially a plastic cover for the front of your guitar.  A sort of guitar-condom that protects your axe from all your dirty customisations.  The idea is that you customise the cover in whatever manner you want (even going so far as to cover it with fake fur), slip the cover onto your guitar and, presto, a guitar customisation that can be ‘backed-out’.

The plastic is .040″ PETG and it’s moulded to fit precisely to your Strat (it’s only available for Strats at the moment but Thermonetix are working on additional instrument styles).  It fits in minutes and, because it’s clear, you can even use it just to protect your guitar.

Customising is much more fun though.  Paint it, sticker it, write PUNK on it in pink letters, whatever.

You can see in the furry Strat images below how far the Huggerz extend around the back of your guitar.

It only costs US $19.95.  Info and ordering at guitarbodyhuggerz.com.

Guitar Body Hugger Furry 01 Guitar Body Hugger Furry 02 Guitar Body Hugger Flame

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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