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Update: More On Gibson’s Brush With The Law

18 November 2009 Leave a comment

gibsonlogoAs noted in the last post, Gibson have had a brush with the law resulting in Federal agents seizing wood and instruments from Gibson Guitars’ Nashville plant.

It seems that they have also seized computers and records.

Musical Merchandise Review have some additional information on this and apparently, Gibson is under investigation for violating the Lacey Act for the importation of particular, endangered species of rosewood from Madagascar.  After a coup in January, the new president of Madagascar legalised the export of rosewood and ebony from his country. The president’s opinion on these matters however, isn’t held in high regard internationally and the Lacey Act continues to provide restrictions against importation to the US.

MMR quote sources to the Nashville Post as saying that Gibson was involved in a scheme that shipped the wood from Madagascar to Germany before being imported to the US.

The plot thickens.

Thanks to Effects Bay where I read this updated news.

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