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PRS – SE Singlecut Korina

27 November 2009 Leave a comment

prskorina01You can now get yourself an SE Singlecut PRS made from Korina.

What’s all the fuss you ask?

Well, Korina is a splendid wood to make guitars from.  The first Gibson Flying V and Explorers were made from Korina and it’s being used more and more lately.  Korina is, in many ways, very similar to mahogany (they’re close cousins really) – it has a similar grain pattern, although it’s usually a little lighter in colour.  It’s also often lighter in weight than mahogany too although individual pieces will obviously vary.  Korina sounds similar to mahogany too but it tends to sound a little different in the midrange – many people think it’s sweeter sounding than mahogany.

prskorina02In keeping with what you’ve just learned, this Korina Singlecut (which is, in fact the first solid Korina SE model offered by PRS) is lighter than a regular one.

Both body and neck are made from Korina – the neck from three pieces.  Other than that it’s a relatively standard SE Singlecut.  Rosewood fingerboard with moon inlays, 22 frets and 25″ scale length.  The SE Singlecut Korina is only available in Vintage Amber but, frankly, it looks so damn good in that finish, who cares.

More over at PRS.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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