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PRS 25th Anniversary Models

4 November 2009 Leave a comment


Seems everybody’s having anniversaries.  PRS are 25 and are celebrating by getting you to give them money.  In return, however, they’ll give you guitars.  And not just ordinary guitars, but 25th Anniversary models.

Quite plush they are too.  They’ll have all of the usual PRS snazziness built in – you know the story – and will feature new colours, special binding and the anniversary inlays (you can see some in the image above). These are the 25th Anniversary Shadow Birds.  If you like the PRS birdie inlays, these are a nice twist on them.

In all, there are thirteen models receiving the anniversary treatment.  They’ve been designated by the 25th prefix and are:

  • 25th 305
  • 25th 513
  • 25th Custom 24
  • 25th Dragon
  • 25th Hollowbody II CB
  • 25th McCarty Narrowfield
  • 25th Mira 245 Soapbar
  • 25th Modern Eagle II
  • 25th Modern Eagle III
  • 25th Santana
  • 25th SC 245
  • 25th Singlecut Hollowbody II CB
  • 25th Swamp Ash Special Narrowfield

I quite like the Swamp Ash Special (below) should Paul wish to send one for review… Or keepsies.


Get full specs on all the models over at PRS.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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