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Fit Marshall Stacks Together And Win Stuff

12 November 2009 Leave a comment

marshalltetrisStack Attack.  That’s what Marshall and Guitar World are calling their online game.

You might recognise the concept – differently sized and shaped things (Marshall heads, cabs and stacks) descend the screen and have to be moved and rotated in order to fit them in at the bottom with no gaps.

Yeah, it’s a Tetrisy thing.  “What’s the point?”, you ask.

The point, my dear fellow, is that the top scorers win Marshall kit.

Top scorer overall will win a JVM205H – that’s a 50-watt amp head with six channels.  Six frickin’ channels.

Second highest wins a Marshall Haze 15 head.  Pretty cool.  Third place will get an MG 50FX combo.

And, the top twenty five scores will get a Marshall T-shirt.  In black.

So, pretend to be a virtual roadie and stack those stacks over at Guitar World.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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