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Vox Amplug – Plug And Play Baby Amps

9 October 2009 Leave a comment

voxamplugleadYou’ve probably seen the Vox amPlug before.   It’s a plug-in headphone amp for late night jamming or those other times when cranking your Marshall stack just isn’t feasible (oh, the horror).  Well, Vox have recently added a number of options to the range.  You can now have amPlug convenience in a number of additional sound-styles.

As well as the AC30, Classic Rock and Metal styles, you can now get the amPlug in Lead, Bass or Acoustic versions.

Lead is modelled on a US high-gain boutique amplifier.  This amPlug has a digital delay effect built in.

Bass is based (ha!) on VOX’s own AC100 bass amp.  This one has a compressor/boost effect included which provides compression and an overdrive effect.  Vox claim that they’ve paid careful attention to the electronic gubbins on this amPlug to provide a greater dynamic range.

Acoustic, as you might expect, simulates an acoustic sound from your electric.  It can blend some of the guitars original signal in for a mix that suits.  A Fat/Bright switch provides for two distinct sounds.

All of the amPlugs are fitted with an AUX-in jack to connect your MP3 player, or whatever, and to allow you jam along with your music without waking the neighbours.  The units use two AAA batteries and claim either 15 or 27 hours, of battery life, depending on which bit of the release you read.

The original amPlugs are all still available.

You can read more over at VOX or you can get yourself an amPlug below.

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