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Taylor Swift Baby Taylor

21 October 2009 Leave a comment

taylorswiftThe Taylor Swift Taylor.  This stuff writes itself.

Whatever your feelings on Ms. Swift, you can’t deny that she’s frickin’ massive.  Ten million album sales and twenty million paid downloads add up to more than any other artist in country music history).

Taylor and Taylor (see, it just rolls off) have had a relationship for a while.  She’s got quite a collection, including one that’s so blinged out it’s been scientifically proven to be brighter than the sun.  This one however, is inspired by her own, first, Baby Taylor and is, if only a little, more understated.

The Taylor Swift Baby Taylor is a 3/4 scale dreadnought.  It has a solid Sikta top and a laminate sapele back and sides.  As you can see it has an elaborate rosette design (that features the word ‘love’ three times we’re told).  It also has Taylor (Swift’s) signature writ pretty big across the top.  Oh, and the name of her album under that.  It’s easy to be cynical sometimes.

In keeping with the compact, baby, dimensions, it has a slim neck that should make it perfect for the hands of, say, the average Taylor Swift fan.  So easy.

Still, whatever you may think of this guitar, we here at Guitarless say that anything that gets people picking up an actual guitar rather than plugging a plastic SG into a games console is a good thing.

Suggested retail is $398 (or local equivalents) and it comes with a gig bag.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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