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Strings Attached: Dunlop Strings

19 October 2009 Leave a comment

dunlopstringsJim Dunlop – purveyor of many cool things such as the MXR range of pedals, the wonderful Crybaby wah and my regular brand of picks – also make strings.

There are a number of gauges and styles of acoustic, electric and bass strings.  There’s even banjo strings if some pickin’s yer thang.

Acoustic gauges are available in phosphor-bronze and brass.  Electrics run the range from extra light (8 top) to extra heavy (13 top).  Four and five string bass sets are available.

In addition, Dunlop have got their heads together with some pretty big names in rock and have issued ‘signature strings’.

You can have a Zakk Wylde set with a heavy core beneath the windings to provide less breakage, long life and stronger definition.  If that’s not your bag, try the Kerry King series – made from high-grade nickel-plated steel and available in .010-.046 with an extra .052 included in the pack for drop tunings.

Bassists aren’t left out in the signature stakes.  Robert Trujillo has a set too.  We’re told they were designed to give power, tonal flexibility and long life.Trujillo’s strings are available in four and five string packs.

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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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