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Autographed Guitars For Auction

11 October 2009 Leave a comment

lespaulsignedDo you own a rock-themed, novelty restaurant with walls full of crazy, rock n’ roll memorabilia and a kitchen that throws out slightly sub-par burgers?  If so, you can’t afford to miss the Stars Guitars auction in Dearborn, Michigan on the 24th October.

The event will auction off guitars signed by a relatively random selection of rock legends.  Well, I say legends…

Nah, I’m being unfair.  There are some interesting things in here, like the Les Paul opposite, signed by Les himself.  That’s ok, isn’t it?  There are a few other things of note but most will really only be of interest to the aforementioned rock-restaurant owners or incredibly die-hard fans.  As is the way of these things, many of the instruments bear no real connection to the person whose signature they bear.  Some that have tentative connections are most often the ‘budget’ version of the connected instrument (there are a lot of Epiphone Les Pauls and SGs evident for instance).  This latter isn’t really an issue when you consider that the majority of these guitars are going to end up hanging from a wall over the door to the place where the waiters spit in your soup.

For the right person, this may well just what they’ve been waiting for.  Most of my cynicism is circumvented by the fact that proceeds are being donated to charity and by the fact that the organisers are making the event into a bit of a family-day-out.  They’ll even have a concert by REO Speedwagon.  What more could you ask?

So, if you have a glass-case to fill and you want to have a random guitar, signed by a random star, get yourself to Dearborn on the 24th.

Or maybe you could do that ‘phone-bidding’ that you see on TV.  That looks cool.

See Stars Guitars for more info.

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