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[16 Feb 2010 | Comments Off on 50th Anniversary Gibson 1960 ES-335TD | 8,514 views]
50th Anniversary Gibson 1960 ES-335TD

I’m in danger of shorting out my keyboard with long strings of spittle as I read the specs and look at the images of Gibson’s latest.
Hot on the heels of the 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul, comes the 50th Anniversary 1960 ES-335TD.
Is it telling that I’m much more excited by this one? In the last few years I’ve been more and more drawn to the 335 and its semi-hollow yumminess. Perhaps I’m mellowing in my old age.
There is simply no denying, though, that the ES-335, and these ones in particular, …

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[3 Feb 2010 | One Comment | 6,271 views]
Lets Hear It For Les (2): 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul

Even Gibson themselves think it’s absurd that the original Les Paul was sufficiently unappreciated that it should be discontinued.
But, discontinued it was.  After 1960, Gibson would stop making Les Pauls.  Well, for a bit anyway.
Weird to think about that now, isn’t it?
To celebrate the (rather odd when you consider it) anniversary of the Les Paul being pulled from Gibson’s line-up in 1960, The Big G has released this: The 50th Anniversary 1960 Les Paul Standard.
There are three variants of this beauty.
Version one will be finished in Heritage Cherry or a …

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