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[17 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Strobe Tuning On Your iPhone – Now Cheaper | 3,944 views]
Strobe Tuning On Your iPhone – Now Cheaper

This is cool.
Peterson Tuners are (or at least, should be) ubiquitous in the world of professional guitar techs and luthiers. A Peterson strobe tuner – or, more recently, their Virtual Strobe – is the top of the heap when it comes to tuning accuracy. Most tuners that are available to the man (or lady) on the street are reasonably accurate. The emphasis must be on reasonably though. A strobe-type tuner allows you to ‘see’ finer increments of tuning than most LED or needle tuners can realistically display. This is the …

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[30 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Orange OPC – A Computer In An Amp? | 4,986 views]
Orange OPC – A Computer In An Amp?

This is the OPC (which I’m relatively sure stands for nothing more complicated than ‘Orange PC’).
A computer in an amp?
Orange announced it recently and the associated news article on their web site carries the headline “Orange launches its new PC division”.
I don’t normally just paste in press release text but, in this case I think I will.  I’ll come back to my own views after the release – hope that’s ok.
Orange Amplifiers, the British based pioneering force in guitar amplifiers, are proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary all-in-one …

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[20 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on 3 For 1 AmpliTube Products | 3,387 views]
3 For 1 AmpliTube Products

Been thinking about getting yourself some shiny (or, in the case of software, virtually shiny), new AmpliTube kit? Now’s the time to do it.
Until the end of October, IK MultiMedia (the modelling boffins that give us AmpliTube) are offering a 3 for 1 deal on selected products.
All you need to do is to buy one AmpliTube product from the list below and register it.

StealthPedal Deluxe
AmpliTube 2
AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
AmpliTube Fender™
Ampeg® SVX
AmpliTube Jimi Hendrix™
AmpliTube Metal

Once you do, you can download – completely free – any two of the following:

AmpliTube 2 Crossgrade
Ampeg® SVX
AmpliTube …

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