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[3 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Watered-Down Esquire | 8,886 views]
Watered-Down Esquire

I don’t know why I think this is really cool. Perhaps it’s the geek in me getting impressed at what the guys in Fender’s R&D department have engineered here.
What they’ve done is to take a solid block of Lucite and hack it into the shape of an Esquire. That’s nothing too unusual. However, they also hollowed out the body to enable it be filled with water.
You see, this guitar is a being auctioned to benefit NASH2O, a charity helping out after the Nashville floods earlier this year. You’ve probably seen …

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[21 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Buzz Kill – Resolve Rattle From Your Gibson Bridge | 62,293 views]
Buzz Kill – Resolve Rattle From Your Gibson Bridge

Buzz is the bane of the guitarist. Fret-buzz is the one that gets all the press and, to be sure, it’s a serious pain. Frets are not the only thing that is likely to buzz, rattle and hum on your guitar though. If you’ve got a Gibson (or Gibsonesque – the one below is a Gretsch) guitar it’s possible that your Tune-O-Matic bridge may be the cause of that buzz you hear.
If you can hear a metallic rattle or buzz when you pick a note – sometimes all notes, sometimes …

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[1 Nov 2009 | Comments Off on Weekend Field Trip 4 – Gibson Guitar Factory | 6,752 views]
Weekend Field Trip 4 – Gibson Guitar Factory

A trip down Nashville way this week.  Off to Gibson Guitars with that bloke from that show – what’s his name?

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