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[7 Jun 2010 | Comments Off on Featured Video: John Paul Jones – Zooma | 5,647 views]
Featured Video: John Paul Jones – Zooma

John Paul Jones, as many of you may know played bass and keyboards for Led Zeppelin. This is all that many people know of him and that’s a shame.
So, for this featured video, we’ll take a look (a listen, really) at a something Jonesy has done in the more recent past. Although a bit of a multi-instrumentalist, JPJ does have a thing for the bass. This post, therefore, is a bit of a homage to our low-down bass-bretheren.
In 1999, Jones released the album, Zooma. This was an instrumental album. While …

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[12 May 2010 | Comments Off on Manson’s Launch MBK-3 Guitar Pickups | 10,949 views]
Manson’s Launch MBK-3 Guitar Pickups

In a fortuitous follow-on from the recent article about Matt Bellamy’s guitar rig, comes news to intrigue seekers of the Bellamy Tone.
Manson’s Guitar Shop (who will be no strangers to the Bellamyites among the readers) have collaborated with Bare Knuckle pickup manufacturers to produce a new set of custom pickups.
The MBK-3 pickups boast a tight tone, huge bass and powerful output.  They claim more ‘kick’ than their siblings, the MBK-1 and MBK-2 pickups used in Manson’s guitars and played by, among others, Bellamy and Josh Homme.
Manson’s and Bare Knuckle have …

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[22 Dec 2009 | Comments Off on Jimmy Page Tour 2010 – With Or Without Zep-Buddies | 17,312 views]
Jimmy Page Tour 2010 – With Or Without Zep-Buddies

Former Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page has announced that he will tour in 2010, whether or not his former bandmates join him.
Pagey has a number of new songs written and plans an album release, with promotional tour, for next year. He said,”We’re running up to Christmas now and next year I have every intention of playing music live and manifesting it. I’ve got the music waiting, and that’s what I’ll be doing. It’s been two years since The 02 show [Led Zeppelin show in London’s O2 Arena in 2007], …

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