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[19 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on 3rd Power – Amp And Triangular Speaker Cabs | 6,534 views]
3rd Power – Amp And Triangular Speaker Cabs

Weird, eh?  This is the 3rd Power HD100 amplifier head sitting atop three separate HLH 312 speaker cabinets.
The HD100 is a US-made, 100W, all-valve amplifier head.  It’s built with point-to-point construction and has two, foot-switchable channels.  A ‘voicing’ switch can toggle from ‘smooth’ (classic, vintage tones) to ‘bold’, which we’re told provides a more lyrical quality.
Each of the HLH312 speaker cabinets (and remember, there are three in this image) contains three Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.  3rd Power claim that the design of the cabinets eliminates the beaming and comb-filtering associated …

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