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[11 Jul 2011 | Comments Off on Book Review: Guitar Lessons by Bob Taylor | 10,369 views]
Book Review: Guitar Lessons by Bob Taylor

Bob Taylor is a geek. There’s no denying it. Geek is written all the way through this book as if it were a stick of rock. I think the odd thing—for a person in his position anyway—is that Bob Taylor isn’t really a guitar geek. At least that’s what comes through here.
Instead, what seems evident from reading Taylor’s book, Guitar Lessons, is that Bob is an engineering geek. All through, it seems like his biggest passion is figuring things out. How does a guitar work? How can I make one? …

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[21 Jun 2011 | Comments Off on Grinderman: Dublin, June 2011 | 4,314 views]
Grinderman: Dublin, June 2011

Frenzied, manic, vigour. Nick Cave and Warren Ellis can teach the youngsters a few things about cramming massive helpings of angst and lust into a song and about filling a live set with sweat-drenched energy.
From the opening Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man, Cave alternated between leaping around the stage of Dublin’s Vicar Street and prowling it like some predatory lounge lizard. He is the Grinderman—all unbuttoned shirt and thrusting crotch, he looms over the front row, bending down, holding their hands, their heads, pulling them to him. Cave gives …

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[20 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Review: Rotosound R10 Roto Yellows | 10,193 views]
Review: Rotosound R10 Roto Yellows

It’s occurred to me that many (I’d go so far as to say most) guitarists don’t change their strings very often. Let me clarify that a little; I mean their string brands. I suspect that, like me, many people find a brand, and usually a gauge, they like and stick with it.
It’s entirely possible this might be fine. However, there’s nothing wrong with giving things a shake now and then.
Case in point:
A while ago, I received a couple of sets of Rotosound strings to review. These were the R10 …

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