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Welcome to guitarless

You can’t always have your guitar with you. Oh sure, you’ll do your best – perhaps, even though you’re frantically tapping away on the Internet, you’ve also got a guitar in your hands like some sort of crazy, axe-wielding octobot – but, for most of us, there are times when we simply have no axe to wield.

That’s where we come in.

Maybe you’re in work, avoiding the boss. Maybe you’re surfing while your significant other glances grumpily from their soap operas. Whatever – for all the times you’ve no guitar there’s guitarless

We’re a guitar blog with a bit of a difference. Sure, we’ll have the usual news, reviews, opinion and general ramblings. Yes, we’ll throw in some solid advice and how-to articles to help keep your guitar or bass in tip-top shape.

Not content with that, however, we’ll also bring you articles from a real – jobbing – guitar repair workshop.

Our main contributor, Gerry Hayes, has been building custom guitars and repairing all sorts of stringed things since his belly was thinner and his hair thicker. Gerry runs Haze Guitars and is lucky enough to get to work on (and have a sneaky play of) plenty of great guitars. When he gets something interesting into the workshop, he’ll post a walk-through here. You can get to see how to perform repairs, from minor tweaking to full-on axe-surgery.

We might even throw in a couple of surprises along the way. Who knows.

We, sincerely, hope you enjoy the site and would love to hear from you if you have questions, comments, or suggestions. Pop over to the Contact page and raise your hand.

Remember, never go guitarless


Regarding Advertising:  To help cover the costs of running and expanding the site, Guitarless runs some advertising on the site.  This is mainly in the form of banner/text advertisements and, occasionally, affiliate links (mostly to Amazon) where we make a small commission on any purchases you make after following our links.

We hope that you don’t find these links and adverts too obtrusive and, even, that you find them useful from time to time.   Thanks for your understanding.


Oh, and one last thing that’s necessary to state (sorry that we have to do so):

Some of the articles contain information on repairing, adjusting, customising, or otherwise modifying your instrument. Also, some articles contain information requiring the use of power and hand tools. Neither guitarless, nor any of its contributors accept any responsibility for any injury or damage that you may cause to yourself, others, or property when following any advice provided on this site.

Please read our full Disclaimer and our Safety Information.

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