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Prevent Neck-Heavy Guitar Headstock Diving

10 June 2010 Leave a comment

Hey! Look at me man! I’m standing here with my arms folded and my Thunderbird headstock isn’t diving for the floor. I’m so frickin’ cool.

This could be you. Well, if you order the Heads Up guitar strap, it could be you.

Many of us have experienced it. Some guitars just don’t balance well on a strap. Many very cool looking guitars have a strap button somewhere around the heel which makes them neck-heavy and, if you happen to take your fretting hand away (to put it in the air like you just don’t care, for instance), the guitar can swivel around leaving its headstock pointing at the stage.

The folks at Heads Up want to change this and have come up with the idea of, what amounts to, counterweighting the guitar end by making a strap with pockets that accept a number of 8 oz. metal weights. It’s a, relatively, wide strap at 2.75″ and is made from a polypropylene material. Its length-adjustable (as you’d expect) from 38 to 62 inches and appears sturdy enough.

The Heads Up Strap sells through the Heads Up site only and costs US $49.99.

Personally, even though the Heads Up FAQ suggests otherwise, I’ve always found a nice wide, grippy, padded, suede strap to be more than up to the job of keeping my SG in place. Its comfortable too. Still, if you need another solution, the Heads Up might be just what the doctor ordered.

Particularly if he’s a chiropractor.

See what I did there?  Because of the weights, you see?  The weights…?  Anyone?

Tough room.



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Written by: Gerry Hayes
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