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PRS Torero – “A Shredder’s Dream”

24 December 2009 Leave a comment

PRS Torero

Announced back in September, the PRS SE Torero has arrived and sees a bit of a departure for PRS. Paul Reed Smith referred to the Torero as “a shredder’s dream”. It certainly has many of the required attributes.  Let’s take a look.

For a start, it’s the first PRS to be fitted with a Floyd Rose and locking-nut.  Tick one for shrediosity value.  It’s got a pair of EMG pickups – tick two.  It’s also the first PRS with a through-neck construction.  Perhaps not essential but it allows a blended, sculpted heel where the neck joins the body and that should certainly help squeeze some extra shred value out of the Torero.

OK, that was the last time I’ll use the S-word.  I promise.

The Torero has a three-piece maple neck (through-neck as mentioned).  The body wings are mahogany and the top is covered with a flame-maple veneer, finished in typical, flawless PRS-fashion.  The ebony fingerboard has no inlays for a clean look.  Fingerboard and headstock both carry a lighter-coloured binding.

EMG 81 and 85 pickups are tied to a three-way switch with master volume and tone controls. Hardware is chrome and the bridge is an original Floyd Rose 1000 series.

At the time of writing, there was no Torero page at PRS.



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