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[18 Nov 2009 | Comments Off on It’s The Feds! Quick, Flush The Wood | 5,448 views]
It’s The Feds! Quick, Flush The Wood

Rather an odd piece of news this. Seems that federal agents raided Gibson’s guitar manufacturing plant in Nashville and seized guitars, wood and other items as evidence in a possible case of illegal use of restricted woods.
The use of some woods that are used in guitar-making is restricted and tightly controlled. For instance, it is almost impossible to properly source Brazilian rosewood (generally considered to be the most desirable) in any quantity. Restrictions exist on other tropical hardwoods and instrument-manufature tonewoods too.  It looks like the Feds …

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[15 Oct 2009 | Comments Off on Ken Parker Archtops | 9,122 views]
Ken Parker Archtops

Take a look at this.  Anything look familiar?
Yep, this stunningly beautiful archtop bears the marks of Ken Parker.  Ken, founder of Parker Guitars and the man who brought us the Parker Fly builds astonishingly good-looking archtop guitars as Ken Parker Archtops.
There are currently five different models.  All are made with absolute top-grade timbers and are beautifully designed and worked.  Each bears familial resemblance to its siblings but the choice of different tonewoods and subtly different designs gives each plenty of individuality.
This particular model is the Olive Branch.  It has a …

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