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[29 Jul 2011 | Comments Off on Broken Necked SG Gets Strapped | 21,605 views]
Broken Necked SG Gets Strapped

Nobody likes to see this. It’s the headstock of a Gibson SG and, as you can see, it’s broken. Ouch.
Something slightly unusual about this is that this guitar suffered a headstock break while still in its case. This is unusual but not unheard of. I’ve seen a few in my time (and I mention it in my general article about Broken Necks). It’s a real pain to hear this but even a good case might not protect your guitar in all circumstances. If you want to be even more safe, …

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[3 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on Heads Up 2 – Headstock Cracks (A Bit More Challenging) | 16,014 views]
Heads Up 2 – Headstock Cracks (A Bit More Challenging)

In the last article, Heads Up 1 – Headstock Cracks (Easy-Peasy), we looked at a pretty basic repair of a cracked peghead. This time, we’ll take a look at one where the repair needs a little bit more thought.
A More Challenging Headstock Crack Repair
With string tension slackened, this crack is pretty hard to see. Even under string tension, it only opens a little. This makes things a little more difficult as it’s important to work the glue all the way into the crack to get the best repair. With a …

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